Let’s Make a Difference Together

Zealous Therapeutics inspires to be a leader in developing new therapeutic drugs. Our mission is to deliver innovative, safe and effective medicines and we seek partners to join us in this effort.  We are actively seeking to expand these efforts through additional collaborations and partnerships with Biotech and Pharmaceuticals and research institutions.

Together we can make a difference and improve patients’ lives. 

Company Overview

Zealous Therapeutics, founded in 2013, is a drug discovery and development organization led by global Pharma and biotech experienced scientists. We bring innovation for new drugs for patients with oncological and autoimmune disorders by developing an early stage discovery projects and developing preclinical candidate. Our global footprint, with headquarters in Singapore expert presence in the US, Sweden, Singapore and India, allows us optimum access to global for our portfolio drug discovery and development.

With the success of novel design of compounds for various cancer and inflammatory disease targets, we are in a position to develop discovery hits and later to develop drug discovery projects. We have developed potential lead compounds to develop future drugs.

Science Driven Discovery Team 

Zealous Therapeutics is upcoming biotech that is establishing a diverse portfolio ranging from programs in oncology, immunological and inflammatory disorders.  

Our research is driven by industrial expertise, academic excellence, through our advisor, collaborators and partners. Our team has experienced how to successfully commercialize discoveries into drugs that will change the lives of many patients worldwide. Our multi-faceted approach empowers and ensures maximum utilization of our resources to provide access to unique and effective treatments to patients with oncological and autoimmune disorders. Zealous Therapeutics has adopted a target based approach instead of focusing on specific diseases and applications. Hence, our program selection is driven purely on scientific merits and is adaptable to the ever changing needs of the Pharma industry.

 Zealous Therapeutics employs a target based approach on specific diseases and applications. We select projects in the translational space with substantive animal or human proof of concept data. We have a diverse portfolio of programs ranging from cancer metastasis, solid tumors and Immunology and inflammatory disorders. Zealous Therapeutics has developed Platform applicable to drug candidate, generating patentable NCEs addressing physico-chemical and pharmacological properties.  


Innovating for life

Small molecule drug discovery for Oncology, Inflammation and Immunological disorders